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Discussion in 'New Member Board' started by GallyTD, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. GallyTD

    GallyTD Member

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    Washington, DC
    I'm Gerard Williams, Technical Director for Gallaudet University's Theatre Arts Department. I'm also a full time grad student getting my ASL interpreting MA here at Gallaudet. I graduated with a BA in Theatre from George Washington University in 2005, where i was a Presidential Arts Scholar for acting. Of course, upon graduating, I immediately began working backstage. I moved to Portland, OR where I worked as the production stage manager and occasional tour director/ all around guy for Imago Theatre.

    My Shop Foreman Jacob Fisher (jfisher2008) got me onto control booth as a good resource to contact other professionals in the field to solve our, shall we say, unique set of problems. We're severely understaffed and underfunded (as usual) so getting creative is important.

    Always happy to hear from other pros.
  2. cdub260

    cdub260 CBMod CB Mods

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    Southern California
    Even if you're neither understaffed, nor underfunded, getting creative is still important. Getting creative is a large part of the fun of working in this industry.:mrgreen:

    Welcome to Controlbooth.
  3. gafftaper

    gafftaper Senior Team Senior Team Fight Leukemia

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    Theater Manager & T.D.
    Seattle, Washington
    Welcome to the Booth Gally! "We're severely understaffed and underfunded "... then you'll fit right in! Join the conversation, there are lots of great ideas here and we would love to hear your voice too.

    Get to know the search function there's a lot of great information in the archives!
  4. philhaney

    philhaney CBMod CB Mods

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    Laguna Beach, CA
    Creative is a good thing. Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is not throw more tech at it. Remember Ocham's Razor: "All things being equal, the most simple explanation is probably the correct explanation."

    Welcome to CB. Glad you're here! :)

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