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Hi! i'm new here! From Hartford, Ct

Discussion in 'New Member Board' started by Mike944, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. Mike944

    Mike944 Member

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    I just made my first post in the FX questions forum, and i thought i'd introduce myself.

    I've been involved in tech theater for about 15 years, in various forms since i was in junior high school. Currently i'm doing mostly audio work, but i started primairly as a lighting guy. I then started doing some set carpentry, lighting design, stage managing, and just about everything else, but my specialties are lighting and audio.

    Tech theater is not my full-time job (I'm a mechanical engineer at an aerospace company). These days, I work mostly small shows, community theater, semi-pro theater, high school shows, and that sort of thing (on the side, of course). I used to have my own (rather small) lighting company, and did lighting for bar bands, for several years, but sold my rig when i moved about 3 years ago, since I no longer used it. In addition, i worked house crew for 5 or 6 years at the local large concert venue. So, i've spent about half of my time around the music industry, although i've been out of most of it for a few years now, (and my ears are thanking me!)

    So, with the exception of costuming, hair & makeup, i've done just about everything else.

    Currently, i'm starting to get into special effects. People seem to hire me because i can seem to figure out just about anything. If someone's doing a show, and they need something out-of-the-ordnairy, they call me. Being that this is a side-business for me, my gigs aren't all paying gigs, and even the ones that are, don't always even cover my expenses.

    I found this forum on google, looking for answers to special effects questions, and i forwarded the web address to all my techie friends. this place seems like a fantastic resource!

    My username came from a username i've had for years, at the very first forum i ever joined. I've been using the same username at all the forums i belong to. If you frequent some automotive forums, you may recognize me, but probably not.

    Mike Firnhaber
    Hartford, Ct
  2. AVGuyAndy

    AVGuyAndy Active Member

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    Welcome to!

    I live in Trumbull, Ct (near Bridgeport) It's good to know there are other CT people around.

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