Is it possible to use uDMX with ETCnomad?

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The question is all the detail I have.

We can, as a school, buy a Gadget II, but if we are able to use our uDMX dongle, that’d be great.

Thanks in advance!
As a school you would be entitled to buy an education pack which comes with a 512 address key and a gadget II. It is great value at $250usd or whatever the currency conversion is for Gbp. Look it up. I am sure you will be surprised.
There is a fundamental difference between a dongle and an interface.
uDMX is an Interface and not a dongle
A dongle is a software protection device and basically helps the developer to get money for the work they are doing.
Some manufacturers combine their interface with a dongle.


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ETCNomad does not support third-party USB-to-DMX adapters. As others have already responded, purchase a Gadget II if you want to go the USB-to-DMX adapter route.

Another option for ETCnomad is an E1.31 (sACN) or Art-Net DMX gateway. They can be found for less than the cost of a Gadget if you don't need RDM or the ability to update ETC device firmware.
This is true; however, it would be more cost effective to buy the Student Package at £250 as oppose to the key to make this possible at £410, I think.

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