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JOB: PT Theatre Technician - Schaumburg IL

Discussion in 'CB Classifieds' started by John Scrip, Apr 14, 2019.

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    Chicago area
    HR link:
    JOB link:
    VENUE: Al Larson Prairie Center for the Arts -

    HR link is in case that's cookie-specific or something. Application deadline is 5/12/19. HR Contact: [email protected]

    Irregular, non-union, part time (avg less than 19 hours per week - usually somewhat less, occasionally considerably more). Lighting skills a big plus.

    I'll try to add more details when I have a bit more time - and I can answer most questions.

    [A BIT MORE TIME] Okay, a building, 442 seat main theatre, 100 seat lecture hall, TV studio, miscellaneous meeting spaces. Road house, rentals, several in-house productions, summer outdoor concert series, another summer outdoor concert series off-site, an outdoor festival here and there - Long story short, the place is pretty busy.

    Other than office staff, a small full-time staff and around a dozen part-time techs. The "hub" is the theatre -- Grid (no fly), a couple hundred lighting instruments on 4 + 2 FOH electrics, Meyer mains and Meyer bigger mains for bigger events.

    We're "all business" when needed and pretty chill otherwise. And we're looking to fill a couple part-time positions.
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