Design Issues and Solutions LED tube diffusion material

Mar 26, 2013
Chicago, IL
I have a number of clear CK color cove LED tubes on a show and am looking to wrap them in a material for more of a visible solid tube of light effect (so it looks more like a fluorescent tube or those frosted LED pixel tubes) rather than being able to see the individual emitters and was wondering if folks had any suggestions for and/or experience with fairly inexpensive and impermanent materials that diffuse LEDs well? I've heard wax paper works pretty well but I'd probably be looking for something a little frostier & of a more neutral/whiter color.


Renting to Corporate One Fixture at a Time.
May 28, 2009
Phoenix, Az
Wax paper.

I work with a company who insists on using it on all their uplights because of cost of a diffusion lens.
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