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Control/Dimming Lee Colortran Entry Station

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by GreyWyvern, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. GreyWyvern

    GreyWyvern Apollo Staff

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    Fort Wayne, IN
    I'm hoping to get some insight to a problem with a Colortran Entry Station. It is used to turn the auditorium/sanctuary house lights on and off at my church. Several months ago, the entry station quit turning the house lights on and off. Maybe I should back up. There used two be to of those stations and they quit working together, so we disabled and removed one. That worked fine until several months ago, when the remaining one quit. In the mean time I have been turning the house lights on and off with the lighting board (NSI MC7024).

    I finally got around to getting a replacement station, thinking it was a bad station. I swapped the stations and it still didn't work. I called someone from Colortran who talked me through several things and none of it worked. He suggested resetting the system, but said it may not allow any of the lights to be turned on at all until he would come out to fix it. I can't risk that and it will be too expensive to bring him here.

    Anyway, after several things were done, most of which I don't remember, it is now at the point where I can't turn the house lights off at all! Not wanting to leave them on all night, I just flipped the dimmers off. I am thinking now that the entry station may not have been bad at all, but that it may be a problem in the Colortran system.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?

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  2. renegadeblack

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    New Haven Area, CT
    What sort of details on the system do you have? Do you have another board in addition to just the entry points? What kind of rack do you have? If you have any other rehearsal type boards, what type do you have?

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