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This is a question for people that have used Light Jockey. I have several fixtures that for some reason or other are oriented at 90 degrees with respect to the standard home position (Value 0P, 0T). While I cannot seem to resolve this issue with the manufacter, is there a way to spin the fixtures 90 degrees LJ, in defining the profile? I know they have invert pan & tilt functions, but that isn't very valuable if the fixture isn't angled correctly to begin with.

Thanks for any assistance you can offer.

Ben C.
Are you referring to the default home position of the fixture in LJ or in the offline visualizer?

Most fixtures will default to (0, 0) such as High End, Clay Paky, ADJ, etc. However, Martin fixtures will default to the upper lefthand corner of the movement grid. I don't know why they do it that way, but they do. The easiest way to change this is, select the fixtures, open the movement window, reset the movement to (0, 0), which can be done by clicking the center button between the four arrows, and then going into the Setup Menu, selecting Preferences, then Default DMX output, then Use Current Scene.

If it's in the visualizer, it is possible to change the orientation of a fixture. Left click on that fixture so that it is red. Then hit the Alt and Enter keys. That will open a window with position options and fixture orientation. You'll see an X, Y, and Z window. Getting a fixture in position the way you want it will take some trial and error.

To reposition a fixture within the scene, left click on it. Then hold the Alt key down and move it into position with your mouse.

Let me know if you have any other questions. For additional help you can try the help file (which isn't as bad as some people claim, it's just a little hard to find everything) and also go to

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