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Lightbulb for an old Kliegl Bros Scoop

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by natethegreat, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. natethegreat

    natethegreat Member

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    Temple Texas
    So our theater department has a bunch of old Kliegl Bros Scoops. The only info I have on them are they are type RR, 18 inch(?). We use 750 watt, clear(?) 130 volt bulbs, PS52 shape (coming straight off the lamp case). We used to get bulbs from DAMAR, but I heard that they recently they went out of business. Where might I be able to get more bulbs, or is that even possible? The scoops are still in great shape so replacing the scoops wouldnt be an option
  2. JD

    JD Well-Known Member

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    North Wales PA
    Ahh the old PS52! Probably still get them from any electrical supply house. Had a bunch sitting around but sold them on Ebay last year. Just google 750 watt PS52 on an image search. Back in the 80s they were retired and a quartz replacement with a mogul base was used (number slips my mind.) One problem is that the scoops are of an open design, so if a lamp blows you have a problem.

    The real bummer is they used to cost $6 but now are about $25
  3. ship

    ship Senior Team Emeritus Premium Member

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    I would check the wiring for the fixtures than go 1Kw DKZ in lamp type.

    After that, match the LCL or MOL of what lamp was used with a modern lamp.

    Probably time to re-wire them, after that, easy enough to find a supplier to match the LCL of your old lamps with a new supplier, or go up or down in wattage in keeping to the same focal center. Any experienced lamp supplier could easily solve this problem for you in alternate brand same wattage or switching to something different but similar.

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