Lustr 2 preset issues - highly specific color mix


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Hey folks, I feel like I'm always coming back here with the most specific issues but hope you might have some good thoughts on this one...

Today's conundrum: an artist has set a highly specific, narrow-spectrum color on some Lustr 2's that will be illuminating artwork for ~5 months. The fixtures will be powered on/off each day via a remote controlled outlet (poor man's relay) but, of course, the exact color and intensity must come back every time the fixture powers on. This leads me to want to record a DMX value as a Preset into the fixture memories, BUT I can only get the exact color (it only uses Lime/Indigo/Cyan) when they're in Direct mode—and a weird limitation is that Lustrs can only save a DMX snapshot as a Preset if the fixture is in HSI mode. Frustrating!

I see two ways to solve this issue but curious to hear thoughts on how I might actually achieve these:
  1. Leave the fixtures in Direct mode; then capture the DMX values into a recording/playback device that will feed the DMX scene to the fixture.
    Question: Does anyone have recommendations on DMX playback devices that would behave well after a power cycle? I'm going to try the Chauvet DMX-RT4 and RDM2Go as a long shot but I'm not yet sure if they need manual intervention to resume a scene if they get power cycled. I suppose the most reliable thing and immediately available would be the Enttec S-Play?

  2. Change the fixtures to HSI mode and somehow figure out how to replicate the exact color mix that was already set; then capture the DMX as a fixture Preset to set and forget.
    Question: Is there any fairly simple way of converting a color in Direct mode to one in HSI mode? Just for kicks we've tried to change one fixture to HSI mode (keeping another in Direct mode w/the right color) and Recall From-ing the color but that definitely doesn't work—certainly a weird color translation issue. Any nifty tricks out there other than a spectrometer or hours of guess and check?

Thanks in advance!
Maybe try studio mode? According to the manual it’s supposed to hold last look through power cycles.
Solved-ish! The Chauvet box did the trick (though took some time tinkering to get it to trigger itself to output a scene every time it powers on. The Lustrs are still in Direct mode and set to HLL forever just as a precaution since this is a static look.

If anyone from ETC is out there listening... it might be nice to consider a future firmware upgrade that allows us to set Presets in Direct mode. I'm pretty sure it's impossible in any HSI mode to make exactly this mix:
RedAmberLimeGreen BlueIndigoCyan

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