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Hi all;

I've some dead Mac550s. The devices have flashing **** on screen and there is no any function even no power on motors. Some forums are say, it can be a software problem and need to reflash. I'd long search on internet but couldn't find the uploader device.

Are there any idera how can I find it or similar device. trick etc.

Thanks very much.


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Have you called your local Martin dealer? Back when I worked on Martin's regularly the uploaders where only really available through dealers. Depending on your relationship with them and their mood it's conceivable they might even have one laying around that they could rent or loan you for significantly less than the cost of buying one outright.


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I believe that you can update the 550s with the Martin USB-DMX interface through the Martin uploader program. I've done this with MAC250 Entours with the regular ol' grey Martin USB-DMX Lightjockey interface boxes.


I have 4x Martin mac550, all the same problem.
#### flashing 2 times/second and not booting.

I also hear clicks on the power supply (2x per second)
the click 1x per second is normal (it does when the lamp is off)

I once swapped the power supplies with heads that still work, and then they start up.
The cable between the motherboard and the power supply is also sometimes a problem, just loosen it, squeeze the sockets with pliers and put them back on.
in my case the power supply's are bad. with exactly the same symptoms.
unfortunately I don't have a schematic to fix them at component level.
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