Martin qfx150

I have been haveing a lot of problems with QFX`s 150`s They were aall working fine on an install, and now I haave one that won`t stike the lamp(It`s already been to martin once for the same problem.. The others seem like they have tranciever problems. They will not communicate via DMX\Master\or slave... Some will not even function correctly on there own color change via dip switch settings... Any help would be wonderful!!!!

I would contact Martin and let them know your problems.

In terms of your one fixture not lamping on... will it not lamp on cold or hot?

It seems that you just have a bad bunch of fixtures. It's possible that they got hit by lighting. the PC boards probably need replaced.

Again, I would contact Martin and explain to them whats going on.

Thankyou for your reply ! Yea I think these guys saw a little too much voltage spike which has permanently lobotomized these fixtures...
The one with the no lamp strikey has been sent to Martin once already.
The lamp glows with the initial voltage, but never gets to full brightness.
I have already taken the lamp, Ignitor, and ballast out of the fixture. I have hooked all up with other wiring. All parts work, but I think there is a wiring problem. When I put all guts back into the fixture including the PC board the lamp relay chatters, and arcs... If I pull the PC board out then the relay locks into contact: howwever it seems that the ignitor does not give the surge of voltage that the lamp needs to come up to full brightness.


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