Monitor for Comms

Anyone have any ideas on how to rig up a "quick-and-easy" monitor speaker for a communication system?

I'm trying to make a system whereby I can use one channel from a comms board (outputting to XLR) and routing it to the dressing rooms for calls and directions etc.

We looked into getting one of those systems with "announce out" via a balanced line output, but that would require money, which we're a bit short on at the moment... :(

Any ideas appreciated. :idea:
do you have a small pa or anythign like that. we have a small portable pa that sits in our both that we use for pfling sometimes. we set up back stage we our moniters go out.
Here's an easy trick: plug an intercom in, and place a small (or large, it doesnt matter really) mic inside the earpiece. Route mic accordingly. It doesn't sound the best, but it does work.
i could just be going crazy, im not sure but if ur com system has a headphone jack or a 1/4 in out for any reason, i have this cool little gadget that is a fm transmitter. it is short range and does not require a license or anything, its a little box that you plug any 1/8 in wire into and it adjust a knob and it will transmit to any nearby fm radio on a frequency that isnt already in use. mine is not great sound but it was 15 bucks where the one apple makes is much more expensive. even if it doesnt work for your purpose, its a great thing to have, particularly for plugging your mp3 player into in your car and tuning your radio to pick it up.

another solution, and this is what i do, put some1 with a headset or a walkie talkie @ the dressing room and tell them to yell to the actors. :p

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