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Hiya. Just found this community and really looking forward to the information that I can learn here. Thanks :grin:


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Hi. Nice to have you join us. How about you tell us a bit more about yourself. Like are you are student, professional? What are your interests in theatre sound, lighting etc. We are a nosey bunch here on Control Booth.
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Yeah what he said. Welcome aboard! Ask what you want answer what you can. Ignore, or at least stay away from, questions about Ninjas, Wombats, and cubits.:mrgreen:


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I'm sure I've already told you Van there are three and 6/10ths cubits in a Fathom.
Hi Rado. Welcome aboard. Ignore my silliness it's just a game we play around here.
Nobody bites except maybe Hughesie.


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Welcome aboard! Ask lots of questions we have very knowledgeable people here, and they are here to share that. Answer what you can, and you will fit right in. Make friends with the search feature, as there is already a lot of information buried on this site.

Finally, enjoy your time here!


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Welcome to the Booth Rado! Have fun, ask questions, join the debates as you can. It's a great place to waste a lot of time.

(Soundlight will be along any time now to ask you to post a website if you have one of your work, theater, school, etc.)

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