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Discussion in 'Wiki' started by NickJones, Apr 12, 2009.

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    Describes a circuit that is either On or Off, with either 100% or 0% power.

    A source of some confusion, as the term has changed historically. Originally, stage lighting systems had dimmers, and a few non-dims that were switches or relays. With the advent of computer consoles with various dimmer profiles, one of them being "Full at 1%", any dimmer could act as a non-dim, FOR INCANDESCENT LOADS. Further muddying the waters is the ETC Sensor's CEM, which has a "Non-Dim" as well as "Switched" setting. Non-dim mode is regulated voltage, Switched mode is unregulated, but in either case, the waveform is still being clipped by the SSR, and thus is not a true sinewave.

    See the ETC KnowledgeBase article here:
    or the attached PDF document from ETC for more.
    View attachment ETC-Options_for_Non-dim_loads_bulletin.pdf

    See also relay, hot pocket, and convenience outlet.

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