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To start, I have 2 full-size CD80 dimmer racks with C21 control systems. Most modules are dual 2.4kw dimmer modules, I have one factory labeled constant power, and a couple of modified constant power modules. My controller is a full-sized Strand Neo Console.
For an upcoming show in a couple of weeks, I am using many DMX LED pars and UV flood lights.
Due to the usual power issues, from my racks, I need to bring either constant power or relayed / Non-dim power to my LED pars, and relayed / Non-dim power to my UV floodlights.
In the past temporarily from my Strand Neo lighting controller, I have patched channels as invert-non-dim so that they would act as constant power for my led pars and I had no major issues. But I plan on leaving them up longer this time until we can upgrade our racks to have constant power modules in a couple of years.

I believe I have a logical way to do this but, I need the advice to see if my idea works or if there is a better solution. I am aware there are a few solutions out there that solve my problem but due to money and time constraints I am not able to buy modules from Johnson Systems or send modules to Lite-Trol for modification yet... maybe down the road..

Could I within the C21 control system settings assign the dimmers I need non-dim power from to a non-dim curve, keeping power at 100%?
In the C21 operation guide on page 16, I found references to doing this. I believe this would be acceptable considering how the original non-dim CD80 modules were constructed. On page 10 of the "CD80 Advanced Electronics Rack" user manual, it shows that non-dim modules are identical other than the PCB located on the SSR which keeps it at 100% or full. I am not using a CD80 control system but the manual on page 44 references setting a dimmer to non-dim status to act as a relay.
Wouldn't assigning my dimmer modules to be non-dims be essentially functionally the same as how strands factor non-dim modules worked? Would this work for my needs and be acceptable? I am trying to be responsible and avoid damaging equipment.

To me, it seems as though what I want to do is possible and will work without major issues, and is significantly safer than modifying dimmer modules. Any input or suggestions would be very helpful! Thank you so much!

CD80 Advanced Electronics Rack Manual:

C21 Operation Guide:

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