Oh dear, not another 'what equptment do I have' thread...


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...But sadly it is.

At a small theater I am designing a show in, they have a lighting board and a dimmer pack from one company.

On the light board, it said "Minetral Lite" with a possible company name of "Electronics Division, INC." I do know that said company is based in a city that starts with an 'H' in Oregon.

The lightboard is something like a 40 channel 2 scene preset (not sure exact channel count, but i think its 40ish). It has 6 sub masters per page on each of Red, Yellow, and Green pages.

Outputs from the board are analog and what is labeled as DMX (but the dimmer input is labeled as Microplex, so i'm not quite sure about that).

The DMX output is normal 5 pin.

The dimmers that I can find (the ones that are only a year old, so are not completely covered in dust) are from the same company. It is a 12 rack, good for 20 amps each dimmer. They also have 20 amps of switchable power, which is surprising on a 12 dimmer rack (at least it surprised me).

I'm sorry I couldn't be a little bit more vague. I assumed that searching google for "electronics division" and "Mintral Lite" would give me the company website, but sadly, it didn't.

I am looking for the data sheets on this. This is a community theater, and I really don't know if I can count on anyone else to tell me whats going on with the equipment.

Thanks, and sorry I couldn't be more vague.


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OK, so I am thinking that I have an EDI Minstrel Lite, does anyone know the homepage for the company? I have a lot of people renting the board, I just have not yet turned up the companys home page.


EDIT: the vast reaches of the internet have given me the homepage. For future reference, it is http://www.edionline.com/



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