Orchestra Shell flickering lights

monster elf

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Jul 12, 2016
Hello all,

We have a Secoa Maestro orchestra shell that seems to have some phantom lights. The lights are integrated in the ceiling panels and operate on tip switches. The first panel has 18 lights, controlled by 6 dimmers, the second and third each have 8 lights controlled by 3 dimmers.

Almost every time we use it, some of the lights will flicker - sometimes just a set of 3, sometimes more. The weird part is that it isn't always the same sets. Sometimes it will be a set on the first panel, sometimes the second, sometimes the third. Sometimes, the SL section, sometimes the SR section, etc. Then sometimes, it will work absolutely fine for one event after the other.

I have tried several things, including bypassing the tip switches, bypassing the reserved circuits altogether and dropping some new electrical boxes to plug into. I've used lower wattage lamps, tightened connections, etc and nothing seems to work. This would be much easier to diagnose if it were the same ones every time! Anyone had this issue or know of any solutions?



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Jan 30, 2010
Clayton NY 13624
Sure sounds like a bad connection in the parts that move most likely. I would have gone to tip switches first - one for each of 12 circuits - but if you've done that, I'd start at Gregorio junction box and inspect wiring from those terminals all the way down to lights. Probably have to open up plug boxes or strips as well as maybe the plugs. All you can do is visually inspect and tighten every screw terminal.

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