1. N

    Are you using the ETC Releve Spot? Would you buy it again?

    I am suggesting some lights to update a small theatre and as much as I want to like the Releve, it seems hard to believe it will be very useful given its low brightness. The type of theatre is exactly what seems to be the market for this fixture, but looking at ETC's own photometrics app it is...
  2. ScenicKatie

    Colortran ENR Series 96 Issue

    Hey everyone, I am the Auditorium Manager and TD for a high school theater and I am working on a “wish list“ of items to get replaced in our outdated theater. Administration is asking me to provide citations for why we need certain items replaced other than “its old”. So- We are running on 2...
  3. udpacTim

    Follow Spots

    Hi all, New to the page. We currently have 2 Canto 1200MSR follow spots, new as of 2016, and for two years we've been having non stop problems with the iris burning and breaking. Contacted the company who said they should last more than 2 or three years and have purchased new but still have the...
  4. DanAyers

    Flicker Vertigo

    So, For anyone who doesn’t know, I hold a Master’s degree in Occupational Safety Management; which goes well with my Bachelors in Technical Theater and 20 years working in the industry. One of my professors from the safety program reached out to me this morning, after attending Trans Siberian...
  5. N

    Ovation 910-fc problem

    I’m involved in a local production of the Addams Family and Control Booth has been an incredible resource. I’ve had multiple questions answered and I thank you all. Opening night is tomorrow and I have a final problem I’m hoping you all can help me with. I have a row of 5 Ovation E 910-FCs I’m...
  6. A

    CD80 Supervisor Panic Mode Active

    Hi all, We have a CD80 Supervisor and we think that we had some sort of influx of power to make it go into panic mode. All of our dimmers are at full and we cannot control anything. However, we don't know how to get it out. Anyone have any advice? Thanks
  7. Jordan Street

    Design Issues and Solutions Lee 600 Arctic White and other newer Lee Designer Series colors.

    I've been LD and TD for an annual children's dance production of a Nutcracker variation for 10 years now. I haven't really changed the color from my original design but a lot of it is starting to burn out. I was initially just going to replace the color but decided I wanted to lighten up the key...
  8. P

    LED Tape with Blue and White dim

    Hello all, I have LED tape that is functioning and programable but the blue and white colors are significantly dimmer than the red or green or any color mixing options. I have tried switching decoders and switching the leads on the wiring but still the blue and white are dim. Any suggestions...
  9. Goldartfrog

    Design Issues and Solutions Help with aiming lights from a fly up/down truss(no catwalk)

    Hello everyone, thanks in advance for any help. I'm in charge of lighting for my high school theater, and we're putting on a show that would ideally have 12 specials. This shouldn't be a problem, as they are marked out on the stage, except that our theater has a large truss that most lights...
  10. indigoapropo

    Color Blind Director

    I will be working with a director in about a years time who is red/green color blind, and I'm looking for advice on how to communicate effectively with him. We've had some preliminary talks about it and obviously color is only one aspect of lighting but I'd like to give him the best experience...
  11. Palms

    Lock programming on ETC eos

    Hi all, I am trying to find a way to lock an ETC eos file so that none of the programming can be altered. I have a SM that is convinced they know what they are doing on the desk but in preshow checks they have managed to alter my fade times twice already. Is there a way or is it a macro I...
  12. ademhayyu1

    Conventional Fixtures Is this the right bulb?

    Hello! I'm putting together a list of lamps that we need to purchase for our HS Theater. For our LekoZoom 25-50deg, I would like to make sure that an EVR 120v500w bulb is right for the fixture. I want to make sure I have the right info before I pass it on. I am also curious about something as...
  13. J

    Design Issues and Solutions Projector Screen with Full Stage Wash Lighting

    Hello, I am new to an older style proscenium theater that is a VERY multi-use. My issue is with when we have PPT presentations it is projected onto a screen flown just behind the proscenium and main curtains very simple and foolproof. The problem though is in order to present on stage we need to...
  14. D

    Socapex wiring

    I am trying to covert a few stage pin drop boxes to socapex ends so that i do not need to haul these giant boxes up and down when tours come in. I opened the box up though and there is only one ground wire running in the cable and it is going to a bar in the box that the ground for each circuit...
  15. H

    What is Zetek?

    I've been reading Steve Shelley's book "A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting" - In his book (on pages 282-283) there is a sample light plot. In the notes block it says "ADD ZETEK TO ALL INSTRUMENTS CLOSE TO SOFT GOODS." I have been doing research to find what zetek is, but cannot find it...
  16. JcherneskyLDME

    Apollo Simple Single Rotator troubleshoot.

    I have a simple single unit that doesn't seem to respond to power at all. Any recommendations before i disassemble this thing?
  17. ademhayyu1

    ETCNomad and Element mirroring

    Hello, I just got a new ETCNomad and a wifi router for our school's lighting console. I'm having trouble mirroring the console to my Nomad. They're both on the same wifi (the console is connected via ethernet and my Nomad is connected via Wifi) but I still get the same "Finding Master Console"...
  18. ApolloDesign

    Textured Effects Using the Apollo GoboPro+

    Using two gobos can create some amazing effects. In this video you will view the creation of fire using Apollo 2-Color Glass, C2-0052, Flame Hot (static position) and Apollo Crushed Dichroic Slippery Ice (rotating position). We have also created a water effect using Apollo 2-Color Glass...
  19. Aidan Spelbring

    Control/Dimming Monitor for 24 Slider ETC Smartfade??

    I am wondering if it would be helpful or useful to attach a monitor to the console? I’ve never used a monitor with a light board before, but we want to have presets so that we can simply hit a button to change scenes.
  20. M

    Design Issues and Solutions DMX-4 permanent install (or, am I a big dummy?)

    Okay, so I work at an Event center/venue. I've been tasked upgrading out lighting "system". Currently, we have track lighting with an assortment of par38 and par 36 bulbs all over the place. These are all run back to wall outlets that use cheapo inline dimmers from the home despot. For obvious...