PC Consoles/Off-Line New CPU or More Memory?


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Jun 5, 2008
Cincinnati, Ohio
Hello all,

I am looking for advice/opinions/experience with using PC Consoles and off line editors. I am not the most computer savory but I am not uninformed if that makes any sense.

Currently I have only Apple/Mac computers and I would like to be able to run and use off line editors and PC Consoles such as the M1 software/ M-Touch, GranMa PC/ Wings or HogPC/ Various Wings.

Clearly all of these run on windows only so I either get a laptop that can run Windows OR get Parallels or Boot Camp for my MacBook Pro but I would need to beef up my memory I believe. This is where I need some help. What route would you suggest?

I’ve been looking at Woot and I could most likely get a computer for a reasonable price although it will probably be a refurbished model.
What specs should I look for if getting a new computer?

Going with my current MacBook Pro I think I would need more memory to handle running Parallels or Boot Camp as well as multiple Console Software programs.

My current CPU stats are;
OSX Yosemite 10.10.5
Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core i7
Memory: 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
HD Capacity: 250GB - 51GB Available
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 1024 MB

Would you recommend using Parallels or Boot Camp, I don’t have experience with either on. I was think I could either use an external Hard Drive to run the additional software or get a large SD card to keep in the side of my computer and put all addition software on that (if you can separate it out like that).
What type of space should I expect software and subsequent files take up?

I know that’s a lot to ask but if some people could chime in that would be great.

Also, if you have thoughts and opinions on which consoles you like/dislike for application like this it’d be great to hear.

Thank you all for any advice


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Aug 24, 2011
I haven't tried to run any of the software in parallels, but boot camp is free and works great as long as you can be in a position where you are running exclusively windows apps while using the software. As far as the requirements go, if you are not planning on running previs software with the consoles as well your specs should be fine. I think the new current ion current runs with a celeron 1.4Gig processor and 4 gigs of ram (granted its windows embedded and not running all of the bloat that full windows brings, but 8 gigs should be more than enough--I think that the MA2 ships with only 2 gigs of ram for that matter, but that might change depending on how recent the specific console was built/sold.


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Nov 7, 2004
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Looking at your specs hard drive capacity would be my first concern, your going to need 50-100GB just for windows partition. I would run bootcamp, so that way windows is operating natively, and not on top of OSX like it would with paralells. If you were wanting to run previs software as well then graphics would be a big problem.


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Sep 1, 2015
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I have parallels on my Mac and really like it. I like being able to run windows at the exact same time as I am running OSX. Also with parallels, windows creates folder of windows data that you can move wherever you like. (I have mine on an external HD because I have the new MB pro and it only has 128GB of storage). In bootcamp you have to partition the disk, which you cant change unless you reformat, which would delete all the data. Partitions can be annoying because you cant adjust how big they are once made.

With 8GB of RAM you should be fine. Just try not to have a ton of stuff open.
Regardless you need to either free up some space on your HD, or buy an external. filled up HDs can really slow down a computer...


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Nov 29, 2013
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Your specs are fine, except that MA onPC requires a dedicated graphics card. It may run fine though, or it might be crashy . I just would not use it to run an actual show.

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