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So after some people agreeing it was a good idea, and something I've been wanting to do for a while I did a small document sharing site for lighting plots and documentation.
As of now, the site is public to all registered users, eventually if it works I will open up so each user has its on folder for his/her productions.
hey inaki, i'm about to upload a copy of a recent Birdie i did.

and have i mentioned how much i love this idea?
I just tried uploading and got this error

"This website requires that documents have at least one category"

i see 3 catagory drop boxes at the bottom but all they say is "none"
Well I'm not much of a web designer or programmer, so please let me know of any errors, bugs, etc you find. Its still pretty dumb right now though.
I just got my plot for Pippi up there! Great idea!
So what else should I put up there? I'm thinking if anyone has anything large with other documentation and pics you can create a folder and put it all in there.
When i get my VW back up, i'll have a bunch of shows i can convert into PDF and put up. I also have LW3 files for all the shows.
Thats cool, I always liked looking at other people's plots. Even if its not the same show I'm doing, its interesting.
If you want, feel free to put up the VW files and I'll be happy to convert them to PDF for you.
ok inaki i'm going to upload a few. the 1st one i'm doing, is multiple plots for Anything Goes, multiple revisions i went through.
hey inaki, i posted up one VW file that needs to be converted, along with a coule .bmp files i found of some old lighting i did in softplot, hope thats not a problem.
Nope, goin to bed though so I'll convert it tomorrow. I'll make an MCD folder if you want to share the VW files. If you need conversion put it on the description :)
OK thats converted, and I uploaded a plot and some pics of a show I did a couple years ago back in Argentina. Should be interesting to see how Ipulled that one off. It sucked...
I just posted a copy of my West Side Story plot. That seems like a really useful webiste. Thanks.
I just updated my Bye Bye Birdie plot. Some changes had to happen, colors and equipment got switched and I have 7 CXI scrollers up instead of 4 Coloram II. Makes for some cool things.
I have pictures I need to resize and post, I'll take some more in rehearsal tonite.

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