Lighting System Documentation recources?


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I am a student who is aiming to do his bachelors thesis on Lighting System Documentation and I would like to ask for any good recources on this topic! What I mean by "System Documentation" is:
- lighting plots
- how do you number your fixtures and where does the numbering start from in regard to SL-->SR, US-->DS (what logic do you use in your numbering scheme, why?)
- do you color code your different fixturetypes (if you do, what logic do you use?)
- power patches/soft patches (socapex, harting, multipin)
- how do you document your power distribution?
- data patches (DMX, dmx over ethernet)
- how do you document your data distribution?
- cable/loom maps

I am also aiming to discover ways people in our industry label things and gather "best practices":
- how do you differentiate between AC and DIM-socapexes? Or Low voltage and Direct voltage motorcables if both are used?
- how do you label your cables (names? numbers? colors? locations?)
- what names do you use for your looms?

What tips and tricks do you have for documentation and best practices in lighting, some small things that save time in the long run?

My main focus is on touring productions but any theatre recources are also welcome. I have tried finding recources for this topic but as our industry is quite expansive, finding up to date information on such a niche topic is proving difficult.

Thank you.
DM me your email and I will send you some music touring documentation packages.
In olden days, everything from cocktail napkins to 14" legal pad sheets, and ditto paper (mimeograph forms) were stuffed into something called "The Lighting Bible" for a particular show. Today I suppose the same information must reside somewhere on the cloud, where it can be accessed by any yahoo with an iPad equipped with LightWright and VectorWorks.

Include in your scope "How to Fold a Light Plot" so that the final fold is diagonal, clearly displays the title block, and creates a "pocket" for all the other pages. Works best with 24"x36" sheets. Extra points for including a 3.5" floppy disk of the final programming for the show's console.
What's a "floppy disk", grampa?
You might want to check out “”. it has designers paperwork for chorus line, lion king. As well as recordings of designers setting levels. Sounds like a great resource for what you are trying to do

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