Powered Speaker NIGHTMARE!


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Hey guys it's me (the student in australia, you know the place that has kangaroo's instead of buses)

and have the same question as last time (with a little more infomation AND A NEW TOPIC NAME)

i have a small mixer behringer six channel (model number escapes me)

whitch has XLR outputs for main

and am just wondering what are the best (in your option)
powered speakers

my budget is under $500 aus

any chance?

P.S sorry about the spelling if someone wants me to fix it ask me


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If we're talking to buy, then absolutely no chance. Unless they're used and i wouldn't reccommend paying that for used powered speakers unless you were absolutely sure about their intergrity. Sorry to bust your dreams, but here's a little quantitative data in $ US:

1 JBL 2-way powered 15" - $495 (cheapest model)
1 Mackie S215 - $579 (also cheapest model)

But if you want my opinion on powered speakers, in that wonderful parallel universe where you can buy things with paperclips, then I'd tell you that EAW makes a mean powered speaker. JBL EONs aren't bad, but I hate the mackies. Just some bad experiences with those. I'm sure others can chime in though.


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i don't care if it's not a know brand

and do you have any other suggestions unpowered speakers?



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The first question that needs answering is what are you doing sound for? A small coffee house, living room, gymnasium?

Within your budget a pair of Tapco S6 active monitors are available...about $ 399.00 a pair. They are a 5 1/2" 2-way bi-amped at 165w.

For larger venues about the best you can do is the DLS 15P from American Audio, these are 15" 2-ways bi-amped at over 300w. They sell for $ 299.99 each.

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