Reel-to-reel troubles


I'm new here but hate introduction posts, so I'm going to start off with a question.

'm trying to record voiceovers to reel-to-reel tape (they'll end up on computer for easier cuing/proper timing, but want the pitch control and background sound available by using oldschool tape equipment). The thing worked fine for about an hour, then got shut off, and hasn't worked properly since - it will not record over what was going before. It's a Fostex Model 20... anybody have any information at all on this unit, or on reel-to-reel setups in general, that might be helpful?

Help would be much appreciated, as I'm rather stumped - it plays fine, but it will not erase or record (even when put into the same mode it was in before). I've checked the obvious (input level, for instance) and made sure that the board I'm mixing from is putting out enough signal to work...


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well if you would like to buy a new one my school theatre is selling 3 2 work and the third one only plays in reverse.


i would buy the one that runs in reverse for pure comical value as the director tries to get it to work forwards :D

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