Registration is now open for TOP Flight 2020 with Vertigo™ Flying Effects & Theatrical Rigging!

Sara Myers

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Registration is now open for TOP Flight 2020 with Vertigo™ Flying Effects & Theatrical Rigging!

TOP Flight is an annual multi-day workshop which trains technicians, operators, and performers to install flying systems, operate flying equipment, and conduct flight choreography.
In the past, participants from around the world – riggers, administrators, educators, actors, dancers, aerialists, technical directors, and other entertainment professionals – who attend
TOP Flight receive the knowledge and practicality of flying system operation.
ETCP Renewal Credits are available throughout TOP Flight.
Early Bird pricing runs through February 2, 2020.
For more information, or to register, visit

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@Sara Myers i wasn’t able to see on the web site what was included in the registration fee (hotel, meals, etc). That might be helpful for people to know so they can budget appropriately.

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So, that's Tracy Nunnally's thing through Vertigo Flying- formerly Hall Associates Flying FX....y'know: Delbert Hall's original gig? Anyway, it's legit and I wouldn't call this spam or a commercial.
Considering the time and effort we put into telling people to "Hire the pros" for this sort of thing, I think it's cool that they went through the trouble to put the word out on this training.

Hell, as soon as I can get away from my gig for a week, I'm going. It ain't cheap, but stuff like this probably shouldn't be.


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I worked with Hall just before the transition to Vertigo, and I just worked with Vertigo this year on a show. If this wasn't in May I would 100% be trying to go. When we brought then in, our flight director took tons of time to work with me to understand every part of they system. She even taught me the hands on of how to build a cable with some of the spare so that I wouldn't just have 'academic' knowledge but also hands on. I still know enough to know that I don't know enough, but it sounds like this training would definitely get me closer.

As a high school affiliated performing arts center manager, this is exactly the kind of training we need in order to be able to tell our renters what is acceptable, and what is not.

Early bird discount is only available until Feb 2nd.

Sara Myers

Thank you for all the feedback. I had not been receiving notifications for this thread until TheatreEd replied.
The early bird pricing was been extended through February 14.
Correct, Vertigo is formerly Hall Associates.
Our attendees come from all over the world, and have all levels of experience. Technicians, operators, performers, educators...even those just curious.
Feel free to contact me directly with any questions!
[email protected]

What Rigger?

I'm so fly....I Neverland.
Hey @Sara Myers, thanks for the follow up- and don't be a stranger. Any of the Vertigo folks should feel free to jump in here with us anytime.

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