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ooo my school has a colortran encore board... since im primarily a sound guy, i didnt even know you could use a remote with it. ill be excited to see the responses to this thread
i hope so, lets keep talkin about how much we hope people respond... the longer we keep it on the 10 recent posts lis the more likely we are to get a response :wink:
avkid said:
well then i wonder why one can only hook up one console to DMX512?
Let's say you hooked two consoles to the same universe. How do your dimmers know which one to obey? What happens if console A is trying to turn a light on and console B wants it off? The protocol was designed for a single console to avoid having to put that much intelligence (and cost) into each and every dimmer. If cost isn't a problen, there are outboard boxes you can buy that will merge the outputs of two consoles. Some will even let you select between different sharing schemes - A takes priority, B kicks in if A fails - or last one to change takes control - or highest takes control. An outboard box isn't cheap, but it costs a lot more if you try to cram that intelligence into every dimmer.

we have something like that... im not quite sure how it works since again.... im primarily a sound guy but it is a box that is mounted on the wall
(one in the booth and one backstage) and you can use it instead of the board to control lights. we use them for people who dont have the technical knowledge to use the regular console or if we need quick acess to lights from backstage ie. if we want to hang/focus lights while they are off then fly up the batten and turn them off without running across the theatre and up a flight of stairs.
i love my strand 120. i wouldnt be able to work without it. so i dont have to run back to the booth and turn on a lioght to focus. also if iahev to go to the bathroom my sm can just hit go on it from backstage. very useful item, wouldnt work with out one.
I have a weird setup as far as multiple "Boards" go, and after typeing it all up here, I realize it would probably be bringing this topic way way off track, so i'll put it in it's own thread sometime soon.

(I'll still post this here so that you keep your rateings!)
1) You need to contact Colortran to find out if your particular remote can be used with the Scenemaster. Not something we can advise here as we don't know any details - such as what model remote ?. etc...

Litetrol Service could probably answer the question as well. 800 548 3876

2) As to using two consoles on one universe.

You need some kind of merger. That can be simply be the A and B inputs to an ETC Sensor rack (non-CEMPlus). There you can set port priority, with typical options (if memory serves):
- Port A incoming levels override any level on B, even if A DMX values are zero
- Ports set to highest takes precedent from either A or B
- B over-rides

You can also use a stand-alone merger, one as simple as an old Response merger that is highest takes precedent for 2 ports, or use a sophisticated system such as multiple nodes on a Strand/ETC network system, where you can set priorities for DMX channels coming from certain nodes, etc... with all kinds of possiblities.

DMXtools said:
avkid said:
If cost isn't a problen, there are outboard boxes you can buy that will merge the outputs of two consoles.


I guess cheap is a relative term. My fave console, LightJockey, offers the ability to run a wing that is basically a 12 channel fader, plus a lot of other toys.

Used Win 98 or XP computer with decent memory: $750 (estimate)

LightJockey PCMCIA card $1500 street price

Fingers wing: $900 street price

under $3200 total.

Ability to program anything, anywhere, anytime, without having to power up or even have lighting connected: priceless.

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