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My high school recently took down a scrim from our rigging and we're having trouble removing the pipe from the bottom. It feels like there's some sort of adhesive in between the pipe and the scrim and we didn't tape the pipe to the scrim at any point. We remember receiving the scrim folded, and without a pipe attached to it. We rolled the scrim up temporarily and covered it in trash bags, is that ok for long-term storage? We were wondering if anyone has encountered this before or if anyone has any ideas on how to remove the pipe without removing a layer of the scrim. Thanks


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I asdume pipe in bottom pocket. I would normally say remove pipe before taking down, maybe working across pipe twisting and breaking "bond" between pocket liner and pipe. And coat with talcum powder before reinserting. I think now it's a slow manual process of working it loose.

You can fold but be sure not to fold same way next time. Dropping it in a laundry hamper is my preferred storage. Others will have recommendations that vary.


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Definitely do NOT store the scrim in a plastic bag. Buy or sew up a canvas or heavy muslin draw-string bag to store it in and attach a tag detailing the contents along with height and width.
@Joshua Healing @microstar @BillConnerFASTC DEFINITELY clearly label your container's contents.
Personally my preference is for rolling canvas hampers with hinged solid plywood tops.
Back in the 1960's there were three amateur theatrical groups in town, (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) the oldest group from the late 1800's did straight plays exclusively, the other two groups were from the 1950's with one performing operas and operettas and the third group performing solely Broadway musicals. The musical group owned a white scrim, while the straight group owned a black scrim. One time a designer who worked between all three groups asked the older group if she could borrow their black scrim for a production with the musical company. The older group agreed without hesitation and delivered it to the musical group UNLABELED and in an opaque dark green garbage bag. A couple of weeks passed and the designer again requested the black scrim. Imagine her surprise when she was informed it had been delivered. Then began a sad tale of she said, he said. The older group had a live-in custodian. The musical group's building was normally cleaned by an older, near blind, retired gentleman who lived a few doors down the block.
Guess what color of garbage bags the old fellow was piling just inside the loading door ready for garbage night?
Guess where he placed the straight group's black scrim when it was delivered while he happened to be in their building??
I'm sure you can guess where the black scrim went on garbage night.
THE MORAL: Whatever you're packing and storing your soft cyc's, scrims and masking in: Clearly LABEL the contents.
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