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Hi all! I did some searching through the forum and can't find any answers within the last 15 years or so. I have a number of Acclaim 4" Fresnels I have been using for top lights in our rep plot. Recently, the sockets have been reaching the end of their lives and I am struggling to source replacements. We are a fairly rural school district that can't seem to decide who is responsible for paying for upkeep so the more info I can bring to the table, the better the chances I will have of getting a PO approved. Does anyone have any leads on where one might acquire GY9.5 sockets these days? These units use a 650w FRK lamp. Take a look at the pics and let me know what you think. Thanks! 20240101_161357.jpg20240101_161622.jpg
That would fit the lamp, for sure, but it wouldn't fit in the instrument. At least not without some modifications to either the socket or the carriage. The socket itself isn't secured by any fasteners. It is held in place under tension by this collar (which is riveted to the rest of the assembly). It looks like this TP27 might work if I can find any in stock. The district doesn't like using Amazon (why that is... who knows) but I have only found one other site that has any in stock...and they have less than a dozen on hand.

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That looks like a custom socket from either the manufacturer or another socket supplier (Bender & Wirth?). The TP27 (Part # 69725 TP27 NO LEADS) is likely the only one OSRAM has without additional bracket hardware that might fit, as JMBrowne notes. You can often find those at Bulbtronics, Candela, BulbAmerica, and a few other lamp distributors. Might be worth buying a single one and playing with it.

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