Strand 300 Series not saving submasters

Ny problem started when I started my Strand 300 board and I found that all of my subs were gone. I can still create subs but whenever I try to save them it doesn't save and it will not let me load them. I can't get them back when I restart the board either. Any ideas how to fix this problem?
is it just subs? check how much memory is free(look at the archieve screen) if its that, pm and i can give you the directions. im currently locked out of one of our strand 300s when i upated from 2.6c to 2.8.15, i can load shows but i cant save or change anything.
Hmmm, did you check to make sure that you are in record access? I'm not sure if everyone has this feature but on our board we have to turn the key to a certain position in order for it to allow you to record anything.

wow 56mb....wish we had that(our total memory is under 5mb), i take it you have a 125 memory console or bigger. are you networked? that may have something to do with it. ill take a look at ours tomorrow once i get it to let me do stuff.

what page of subs are you on? maybe it just got swtiched to a different page? there are 4 pages on the 300. just hit [+]or[-]
Well the board is in record access and it's all been saved on the first page and we can't recall it from there. About the space, the shows take up something like 50kb each so space is a very minor issue for us here
Now that I think about it we may be having the same problem you have. When we load in our submasters after they have been removed for w/e reason they often don't work.

Try this:
Clear all of your submasters (but make sure that you have a backup of them first)

Write a completely new submaster not loading anything off of a backup disk.

See if it works and see if they work on multiple pages.

If it does then the same thing happens in our board which is completely different and made by a complete different manufacturer.

So what do you define as "saving a sub"? Going to the archive screen and backing up a show to disk or removeable media? Setting a Look and doing 1 [Record]? Something else?

What happens when you do this? Does it just do nothing? An error (look at hte bottom row of the screen)?

What version of hte software do you have?
as i had to do day was run 220clean. it fixed whatever was wrong because now it works fine and i updated our main board too.
It sounds like the memory on your board is locked. The strand 300 series allows you to lock the memory seperately from the console it self. This is to prevent unneccessary changes to already programed shows and etc.

If the memory is truely locked, it would state this at the top of the [Live] screen.

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