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Hello everybody.

My high school is stocked with a bunch of slightly older Strand Lekos. As I understand, they were essentially the theatrical standard before the Source Four was introduced. I've attached a picture below. Currently, we use 1000w FEL lamps at 120v. I am curious if anyone has any other suggestions as to possible bulbs. Perhaps something with a longer life, or something cooler, or anything?

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What's the fixture type stamped on the name plate? Kind of looks like some I had in high school but that was 20 years ago and I guarentee that I knew less than most of you about lamps back than.

If Strand/Century "Lekolight", #2111 thru 2114, #2123 & 2124, 2204, 2209, 2212 & 2213, 2215 thru 2217, 2220, 2230, 2240, 2250, (get a theme going here) it is listed to accept a FEL lamp - not that it's the best lamp you could install but strand lights of the time often were 1Kw rated. See a recent of tonight if not often earlier postings on my hate of the FEL lamp for more info on the FEL verses much better lamp options. Rated in this case for that wattage of lamp doesn't mean you have to use that wattage of lamp to optimize it's output. For the most part, the 575w GLA is what I would recommend if not at 750w for a higher output but still long life, the GLE/HX-755.

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