Super Flame

Which would you use for a flame effect?

  • real fire (flash pots)

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  • gelled light

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i have recently discovered an item called Super Flame by American Dj.
Has anyone worked with this before- it might be better than investing in flash cotton-
ps ihope this doesn't violate waiver dave-


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Depends on whether we're talking a fireplace or a quick flame.

Fireplace - definitely lit silk with a fan.
Quick flame - depends on how comfortable your venue is with real flame.


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I will reiterate that you are required to meet all local, regional, and national fire and safety codes. This does in fact violate the waiver, but I will allow a discussion on creating fake fires.

Sorry for the draconian policy... but I can't afford to be sued over even the slightest incomplete information on the site regarding fire.
let me put it this way- i have a license but my theatre doesn't, so iwas thinking of going for a more expensive, but reuseable FLASH- must be dramatic


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HMOcidalmaniac said:
but like i said- my theatre doesn't

So Utah has a professional certification for Pyro? What is the name or Acronym for the license? In Illinois we have a F.O.I.D (Firearm Owner ID)card for what I thought was just Firearm purchasing and transportation, but recently I have learned that it includes ownership as well.

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