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Hey everyone,
I am a Sound/lighting/recording/Camera/video technician and do pretty much anything else that either plugs into something or runs electricity. I am a TD for a local private school here in Canada, and also a Producer (like a sub TD like i keep saying) at another church. I also run cameras for yet another church. Tech has become my life and my curse. I bet most of you know the senario: Hey! we have a dance coming up, can you "tech" it? or Can you help me hook this tv up?...

Ah well, 'tis me and my life

Ah, sounds like my life. If it is anyhow tech, I end up doing it.....

Anyway, welcome to the boards. I hope to see you around a lot.
Welcome, welcome. And you are not alone in your lack of a real life... :)
what is this life thing people talk about? i go to work and school that is it
Well if anyone knows (or even has one), give a shout. It would be great to try new things. :p
Why, spending every secound of free time that you have in the theater is safer.....

Besides, we get to play music loud, and flash lights. That makes us cool.......... right?......... right?.........please.......?
zac, i totally agree. afterschool i sometimes sit around staring at the strobe light and listening to music in the dark
Well none of us in this site have "real" lifes, but we all like the life we got which i like to call "tech" life. :evil: :twisted:
ooh, i sense an ad campaign , How's your "Tech Life"
Can i be the Vice President of that ad campaign? :evil: :twisted:
I am also new here. but have done just about everything. I live in the theatre so much that the tech advisor just built me an office :D and the principal has my cell on speed dial whenever somethign comes up..summer away from school yea right
Has any one spent the night in the booth durring tech week??
i want an office , right now my office space is a practice room full of audio equipment
yes, i have spent the night in the booth. The day before we opened Evita this year. I passed out finnally around 6:45am and woke up when the 1st bell went off at 7:25.
There have been a couple times I've pulled an all nighter at the theater. BTW, welcome to the community, Producer! That goes for you too, JP12687! Hope to see (both of) you around the forums often!
They won't let me stay all night. Yet. ;)
All nighter's are why my home is the booth. i do all nighters 2 times a year.
I agree, Its a bit scary going out into the "real life" world. I'll just stay here wrapped up in 2400foot XLR (see punching bag - intern) cables with my Venti Carmel Machiato. But looking at a strobe? no offense but maybe you need to get some screws tightened.
I'm the TD at a christian school in Beautiful British Columbia.
but I'm off to my church where i need to RE HANG ALLLLL my lights. some crazy people came in and set up Martin MiniMac's and hazers and other crazy lighting equipment for a wedding. To do that they took all MY lights down. TTYL

You are all invited to the funeral of the guy who OK'd this without telling me in advance. ;)
Rad- They never LET you stay, you just happen to stay without anyones knowledge. the pluses of having the keys to the auditorium and knowing the custodians.

Producer- did you say theyused minimacs and hazers for a WEDDING? that must have been some kick ass wedding.
Not only do I not have key there is a doorpass security system and motion sensors on the complex.

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