The Will Rogers Follies


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November 12 & 13 at 8PM
November 14 at 3PM
November 19 & 20 at 8PM
November 21 at 3PM
EPAC Repertory Company presents
"The Will Rogers Follies"
Tickets $15Adults
$10 Seniors (65 & over)
$10 Age 12 & under

For more info go to:
NOVEMBER 19-20 No idea what time
East Brunswick High School presents
tickets $5 i think

i would love to see ur show... only i live kinda far... are u anywhere near albany? i know some ppl who will be up there the 19-21 and mite b interested....
November 12 and 13
Beloit Memorial High School presents
"The Skin of Our Teeth"
Tickets: student/senior - $4 and adult - $7
general admit. avaible at the door
ooo your shows tommorow, Good Luck!
nowhere near albany, 1 1/2 hours south of Syracuse, near Binghamton
thanks our opening weekend was last and i total screwed up 4 specials.... my director wasnt ahppy. lets hope they work tomorrow night.
o, ok avkid.... my sleepaway camp was relatively near binghamton, but i dont know anyone around there now... my jewish youth group has a convention up in albany on the 19-21 but i cant go because i will b working our show.
what is the name of the camp?
island lake
its not that close to bingamton... its in a really redneckish area of PA and bingamton is the closest real city
Binghamton is the closest "city"? that's sad
the first show went well except for one actress who does not pay attention to where she puts her mic.
i hate when actors do that, so i forbid them to put on or take off their own mics and tape over the on button. if there are mic switches or i have an extra person i put someone backstage to re attach mics.

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