Time for me to stop stalking, start talking


Hello, CB Community! I'm a relatively new educator in the technical theatre field, just three years in. This site has saved my butt on so many occasions, it's a genuine wonder why I haven't joined your ranks until now.

I'm based in San Antonio, TX and I teach at the high school level. I used to be a producer of a web-casting show that went defunct before I started teaching. My knowledge base was always sort of grounded in someone saying, "We need this thing," and me replying, "Sure! Great! I can do that thing..." followed quickly by me learning how to do that thing.

A lot of that still applies now that I'm teaching, but there are some things I'm trying to learn before the kids do.

Give me your knowledge, oh great ones. Help me pass it on to the youths. I will gladly hand over any lesson plans I have in my stockpile to help others.

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