Where to buy 8 channel 0-10v analog board?


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I am looking for a used, cheap but in ok condition board that will control atleast 8 lights (two 4 channel dimmer packs), and the only inputs I have are 0-10v analog, I believe with a 6 pin cable of some sort. I have two packs, but I am having trouble finding an old lighting board. Does anyone know where I could get one? Thanks!
I just had a quick look at ebay.. the pickings were rather slim... You may want to try to find out if someone is doing renovations in your area who might be getting rid of one or talk to rental places near you that might have an old one sitting arround that they wouldnt mind getting off their hands... otherwise, an adapter might be an easier option.
There is another posting mentioning vanco dimmers in the subject line. In it the original poster mentioned a place that is recycling lighting equipment. You could get the poster to give you the address.

Are you wanting a memory board or will a manual board do?

If you only need a manual board with a couple of presets they are easy to make.
You just have to be able to do basic soldering and low voltage wiring.

Let us know if you need the link for the do it yourself board and I'll post it here.
VEI offers a 12 channel analog controller brand new for only $ 229.00


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