WWB6/QLXD scanning


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And that did it. It successfully assigned freqs to all 16 Q's and 6 S's, with no warnings.

It deployed the freqs to the 8 Q's I have powered on right now, and I assume I can redeploy once the other 8 are set up without breaking the first 8?
If WWB is happy, it should work, but the proof is in the pudding. Light them all up and do a thorough test.

Jay Ashworth

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In fact, it almost came apart on me when I tried to deploy the second * QLX's.

I made it through the weekend without any crashes, but you couldn't say I felt comfortable about it.

It'll give me something to do after my 3-weeks-straight-on. :)

Can't get over thinking the WWB UI needs a complete overhaul for v7, though.

Ben Stiegler

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Ok. I'm officially confused now.

WWB calculates avoidance based on two things, right? Things it sees in the scan, and *the freqs it assigns to mic channels*.

Since it has to do its work *before* it freqs a receiver *and you manually sync that to a transmitter*, it cannot be picking up other mics to avoid (reliably) from the scanning receiver; it has to do it based on its knowledge of the freqs it assigned for the receiver.

It must -- in order to be able to do its job -- be able to calculate both signal and intermod interference between all the radio chains it controls *without those chains being powered on*.

actually 3 things - also the TV/FM/public safety frequencies you let it identify by entering the zip code or long/lat of the event location. That goes a long way toward building skirts around trouble areas. Are you just renting the other ones for the event, or purchased and waiting for arrival? If rental, I would push for upgrading your rentals to Axcient which are even more frequency agile and can live with narrower bands.

Jay Ashworth

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And as punctuation to this thread:

Two broadcast engineers are at the Hooters in Lawrenceville NJ. The first one says to the second that the average person knows very little about basic broadcast engineering. The second one disagrees, and claims that most people can understand a reasonable amount of it.

The first engineer leaves to go to the restroom, and in his absence the second calls over the waitress. He tells her that in a few minutes, after his friend has returned, he will call her over and ask her a question. All she has to do is answer "ninety nine point seven and one oh five point one".
She repeats "99. what"? He repeats "99.7 and 105.1". Her: "997 and 1051"? Yes, that's right, he says. So she agrees, and goes off mumbling to herself, "9 9 7 1 0 5 1".

The first guy returns and the second proposes a bet to prove his point, that most people do know something about basic engineering. He says he will ask the blonde waitress a question, and the first laughingly agrees.
The second man calls over the waitress and asks "There are two stations on the tower you can see right outside the restaurant. One is on 101.5, the other is on 103.3. What are the frequencies of the third order intermodulation products?"

The waitress says "99.7 and 105.1" and while walking away, turns back and snaps, over her shoulder "And the fifth order intermod products are on 97.9 and 106.9"!

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