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  1. matcreyn

    Control/Dimming ETC Element: Go button disabled!

    Help! I’m running a 12yo ETC Element on EOS Family V3.0.1 and somehow the Go button and Stop/Back button are not working. I can’t find anything in the manual or settings that would affect this. Please help!
  2. mreilly0605

    ETC Nomad keyboard cover

    I use ETC nomad to remotely control my ETC element from my MacBook, but am still very confused by all the shortcuts and hotkeys.Any recommendations for keyboard covers with the hotleys listed.
  3. matcreyn

    Control/Dimming Can you temporarily lock Eos console keys?

    I’m setting up guidelines for returning to operations during this fall (despite COVID numbers). With the training of operators and limited budget for disposable nitrile gloves, I’d like to know if there’s a way to temporarily lock the console keys of ETC Ion and Element consoles so we can wipe...
  4. S

    Decode and send DMX with ETC Element

    I recently purchased smart LED bulbs which use the Feit app on an iPhone; which works fine. BUT I would like to use our ETC element and control the bulbs wirelessly.Any thoughts or resources?
  5. ngmouse

    Automated Fixtures Reference points (?) in ETC Element

    Howdy all,I'm a fairly novice programmer and trying to figure out if there's a way to accomplish what I'm thinking here. I did some reading but haven't been able to find what I'm looking for.Say I have a mover at 0, 0 and pan it over 5 points so it's 5, 0. Is there a way to treat that 5, 0...
  6. G

    Control/Dimming Dell Touchscreen Monitor acting as mouse for first monitor ETC Element 2

    I have a new Dell P2418HT and a regular nontouchscreen monitor and when I used the touchscreen it just acts as a large mouse for the other monitor. I am on an Element 2 board. How do I use the touchscreen correctly on the Dell monitor?
  7. Darren Solomon

    iRFR using Linksys EA2500

    I am trying to use a Linksys EA 2500 router to create a wireless connection using my phone as a RFU to control my ETC Element board. I understand the app. I don't understand how to use my laptop to configure the router and turn off the DHCP option. I have gone thru the Linksys web site...
  8. R

    Cloning an ETC Element harddrive

    Good morning everyone. I have an ETC Element console with a drive that is probably going flaky. Having another ETC Element die last year (1 week before run) and completely losing everything, I am a little gun shy when it comes to depending on a mechanical drive when SSDs are so cheap and...
  9. E

    Moving light help please

    Our theater has an ETC light board and we have 2 moving light instruments (GLP Impression Spot One). One of these instruments is completely non responsive to anything the board tells it to do, and the second will move change gobos etc. but NOT focus or zoom.I am trying to discern if we...
  10. F

    Difficulty with scrollers

    Hi, I’m using an ETC Element and Apollo Smart Color 7.25 scrollers. I created a new show file, and somehow messed up the patches for all of our scrollers. Our system contains numerous show plots, and the color palettes in all of them have been deleted. I made new color palettes based on record...
  11. Stevens R. Miller

    Multipart Cues on ETC Element

    I am trying to understand multipart cues on the ETC Element. In concept, it seems straightforward. But what I see on my screen (I'm practicing with ETCNomad) doesn't always make sense to me.The director has asked for a sequence of fade-ups from black on three individual dimmers. So, in Live, I...
  12. soundtech193746

    Control/Dimming ETC Element - How do I open the color picker?

    Hi controlbooth community! This is a basic question, but how do I change the color of lights with the color picker. I found a few solutions; (ML controls, Add-a-Tab (the {+} sign) and select the Color Picker) please let me know what I should do. (The console is the ETC Element 60 500 (Eos...
  13. RoryG6

    Rogue r2 going rogue

    hi, I use an ect element lighting board at my school and we have 2 Chauvet Rogue R2 fixtures that we are having issues with. The main one being a loss of beam and strobing. After power on the lights may take time to recognise that they are turned on and will often strobe for no reason or go...
  14. M

    ETC Element + Chauvet SlimPar 56 Problems

    Hello All! First time post. I've adopted this awesome board at a local HS and I'm learning. I've searched for a solution for days, phoned a friend, and searched the forums, but I've still got nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated!Console: ETC Element 500 channels. One DMX cable output...
  15. BHS

    Home Location of a moving Light

    I'm running a Chauvet Intimidator 355z IRC on an ETC Element Console. The way the fixture is mounted when you put the control in the center the light points at the ceiling. Does anybody know a way that you can change this position so it homes to the center of the stage?
  16. A

    Intensity parameter on mover effect.

    I am programming Chauvet Intimidator 350 spots on an ETC Element. I am trying to create an effect where the instruments move from FP1 to FP2, but when they reach FP2 the intensity will go to zero, return to FP1 and then begin the cycle again with the intensity at full. I can create an...
  17. nagates

    ETC Element 40, 500 buying guide

    Hey guys,I was just wondering what people's thoughts where on an ETC Element 40, 500 lighting board. I am looking to eventually replace, an older ETC express 48/96. As we are looking to use more dmx controlled devices, and LED based lighting fixtures (which can hog channels). This seems like...
  18. WFair

    Automated Fixtures Sweep multiple moving lights with ETC Element

    [Using ETC Element] I am trying to program an effect or a series of linked cues (can't figure which is a better approach) to simulate a train passing across the stage. I have 2 old Technobeams (mirror fixtures) and 2 MAC DesignSpot 250. The idea is to have them each sweep straight across the...