Hello everyone!

My name is Alex, I’m located in the Metro Detroit area, and I’ve used ControlBooth as a resource for a while, thanks to an old boss of mine that introduced me to this (who I believe I’ve seen posting already, hi @cbrandt !)
Although I’m currently furloughed due to Covid, I normally work as an operations manager for a labor/production company that deals in music as well as sports entertainment. It’s not where I anticipated ending up, as I absolutely love lighting and visual mediums, but I still work plenty within that!

I also work for a public school district as a technical director for their theatres, I continue to freelance as a lighting designer, largely for dance and theatre productions, and in the most recent years, have begun working for competitive drumlines and marching bands as an audio director for their shows! Audio is definitely not unfamiliar to me, but it’s been a nice challenge for me to learn.

I’m using my time now to go back to school and take some classes, largely aimed at business and computer science, networking and programs. It’s been nice to continue expanding my knowledge.

Anyway, I’m glad to be a part of this community! I hope everyone has been staying safe and busy, to the best of your abilities. We’re in this together!


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Welcome Aboard Alex!


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Hey Alex, I'm in Ypsilanti, I work in toledo and have picked up gear from fantasee a few times in the past couple years though never actually got around to meeting Colin. Welcome to the Booth.

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