1. ademhayyu1

    Patching a dmx fog machine to ETC Element 40

    Greetings,I am the lighting designer and tech supervisor at my high school and this year we're planning on buying a fog machine and I'm doing some research on some good fog machines. I chose the Chauvet DJ Hurricane 1800 Flex Adjustable Angle Fog Machine (25,000 CFM) because of the dmx...
  2. M

    How to Patch a Chauvet Intimidator Spot 255 IRC

    Recently my school bought 2 Chauvet Intimidator Spot 255 IRCs. We have a Palette VL64. The fixtures have an Edison plug and cannot be patched to a dimmer or rheostat. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We just want to be able to control the fixtures from the board.
  3. BransonC

    Patching Gobo Rotators

    Hey guys!I just received two new Rosco RevoPRO Dual Programmable Gobo Rotator They can be found here: am attempting to patch/program them into a JANDS CL Controller. However, I have not be successful.Any help or thoughts...
  4. livingmarcuslee

    Multiple Fixtures, One Dimmer, GrandMA MA3D

    Hello!Thanks for taking a look at my question I have 2 pars on a single dimmer. I want to patch that dimmer into my console, but when using MA3d, I want to see both instruments in the space come up. I cant seem to find a way to force two instruments to the same address on the console, and I...
  5. M

    ETC Element + Chauvet SlimPar 56 Problems

    Hello All! First time post. I've adopted this awesome board at a local HS and I'm learning. I've searched for a solution for days, phoned a friend, and searched the forums, but I've still got nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated!Console: ETC Element 500 channels. One DMX cable output...
  6. livingmarcuslee

    Control/Dimming Default Offset patch with Grand MA 2?

    Hello!When I patch shows, I like to, space admitting, address and patch my fixtures by 5, 10, 25, etc, for ease of math and troubleshooting for a crew. I found the option in the patch by selecting my fixtures in a layer, selecting the address and right clicking, choosing my offset and then...
  7. D

    Patching USB Audio Out in QLab

    Hi everyone,Not a QLab user, have a bit of a weird issue going on, would love any ideas/feedback.I have a PreSonus Audiobox iTwo that I am trying to set up as an audio out for QLab (v 2.3.9). It is attached from a USB out on the Mac (OSX 10.5.8 / 2 GHz PowerPC G5 / 2 GB DDR SDRAM) to the USB...
  8. Joshua Hoffman

    Tagging Lights

    Does anyone have a good suggestion for how to tag lights with focus, channel, dimmer, and other necessary materials? I need something that is durable, but not flammable because these are lights we are talking about. Thanks, Joshua
  9. K

    Understand House Sound System

    Hi all, I could really use some help on this. I don't know much about sound, but right now I'm the guy who is figuring out how to do sound at my high school. I'm trying to understand the whole system and there is a part that I don't get. So the HL and the HR speakers run into something called...