Patching USB Audio Out in QLab


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Hi everyone,

Not a QLab user, have a bit of a weird issue going on, would love any ideas/feedback.

I have a PreSonus Audiobox iTwo that I am trying to set up as an audio out for QLab (v 2.3.9). It is attached from a USB out on the Mac (OSX 10.5.8 / 2 GHz PowerPC G5 / 2 GB DDR SDRAM) to the USB 2.0 PC/MAC/Power port on the back of the iTwo. Out from that runs to amp and then the cluster.

The Mac recognizes the iTwo as a MIDI device, and I can patch it in MIDI, MSC, MIDI File, and MIDI SysEx. QLab doesn't recognize it as a valid audio out to patch to, and it does not appear in system audio out option.

Other troubleshooting I tried based on what I found in initial search was to add it via Audio MIDI Setup App.

Thanks a million
Everything I found on PreSonus website says iTwo is class compliant on Mac 10.4 and above and doesn't require drivers. Could only find a Windows driver download.
Have you tried a different USB cable? I've had a few weird experiences with PreSonus products not liking certain cables. It probably won't change anything, but it's worth a shot.
Swapped out box for a Firebird model. We couldnt resolve PreSonus issue but we are back up and running.

Thanks for the help!

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