$3-4k lighting console

So, Im purchasing a new rig for the venue I work in, and Im looking for advice on consoles. The application is for @ 50 conventionals, and then a small amount of moving lights (Most likely 6 MAC 250's to start)

I need a board that can control both conventionals and movers on the fly, easy live impromptu changes. And Im looking to spend about 3-4.5k

I was looking at the Strand 300 24/48, but Im totally unfamiliar with the Genius pro/lightpalatte OS. I currently am working on a Fat Frog, but I completely hate the fact that you cant save individual beamshape attributes, which makes improvisation much more difficult.

SO! What Im asking for are recommendations for this application, and maybe some explanation of Genius Pro... Ideas? Thoughts?


Well I dont really have any specific questions about the console at this point, because I dont really know what all it can do. Ive read the manual briefly, and it looks like its wide open in relation with how you can set up the console.... I guess the MAJOR question I have is if its suited for on the fly moving light stuff.

Conventionals are a non issue, if there is enough faders, which there is on this console... I can pair up and assign all my lights to the 24 channels.

So I guess the question is, is it relatively easy and accurate to control the movers with the mouse/trackball? Are color changes and position changes, etc easy to handle with the system? (again, this is LDing for music, most of the time not knowing the material, so its all improv)

Can you maybe just flesh out an example?
I havne't really played with it with movers much. The vendor showed me how it works when he demo'ed it. The Strand board has profiles that you assign, it knows about most common moving fixtures. You tell it a Mac 500 is on channel 12, and then it sets up all the attributes on sub channels. It seemed like pretty smooth control with the trackball. THe cool thing the Stradn does with movers is think ahead. If you have a cue with a mover, followed by another, the Stradn will automaitcally reposition & setup the light for the next cue when it's off, between cues for example.

Do you have a vendor that usually sells you this sort of thing? See if they'll come by and let you play with the thing for a bit.
An ETC Express 48/96 goes for around $4k and is great! It has a trackpad for controlling intels and lots of other useful features, plus control for conventional fixtures, too! Check out specs online.
I use a Strand 520 and 300 desk quite reguarly, but not with moving fixtures. I think they are fantastic desks!

I also have alot of experience with the Jands Event 416's which is a combined 24/48 channel static desk and a hog on the other side. The desks are extremly easy to use and are a fraction of the price of a new strand desk!
Uhm, I can get a new Strand 300 desk for $3,999.00, and ETC express 24/48 for $3,200, and the cheapest USED 416 I can find goes for over 6.5k.

I agree that the 416 would probably be the best console for the application I want, but I think it may be too much for what I need it for.
$2,500.00 buys alot of stuff! And I think control is the lowest on the priority list behind awesome dimmers, fixtures, etc. With that money I would most likely buy a Avolites Pearl used.
buy something used
The strand 300 series has almost limetless ability for adding more submaster pannels. Each pannel has 24 subs on it. I am currently in charge of a board with 5 of these pannels, a total of 120 submasters... pre-program a bunch of presets for your movers or even full cues into these submasters and mix away. Havent had to go farther than about 15-20 subs yet for anything at the space i work at, but it works extremly well in live "mixing" formats.
thats not bad, but you have to remember to get AUD you have to double it and add a little more, so it would be maybe 10,000 - 12,000 for a strand 300 desk here. I can buy a Jands event 48 + desk for 4,000 which is about 1,500-2,000 american!
Strand dimmers are expensive. I would go with ETC, personally.

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