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A cool trip back in time for me!

Discussion in 'New Member Board' started by tjbaudio, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. tjbaudio

    tjbaudio Member

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    Hello all. My name is Tom B.
    I found a link to this sight on another forum. I think it was LAB, my other home away from home. Or a forum.

    Any way I am curently a Sound and Lighting Suppervisor for a local school district. I have 2.5 auditorums to take care of. (there are aculy 2 spaces in the .5, both unused at this point) One has a cool light system from the 50's!
    I also do stage hand work for the IATSE Local.

    I got started doing theater in HS and went on to studdy at the university level. I have also been TD of 2 venues and I run a small sound company.

    I love to teach and show others the ropes! And this sight reminds me of what I went threw learning our craft.

    Tom B
  2. Foxinabox10

    Foxinabox10 Active Member

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    Boston, MA
    Welcome to

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