Analog to dmx converter?


Hey all,
I have a very particular lighting challenge for a show I am working on. In the show we are going to be using a bike and a dynamo to create a small electric charge. The ideal is that we can then use this charge as an analogue signal and convert it to a dmx signal to control some lights of ours. The less ideal option is connecting it to an old analog dimmer.

So the question is, does anyone know of any adapters that will take analog signal and transform it to dmx signal? I see a lot of dmx to analogue to control architectural lighting but not necessarily the other way.

Also any old portable analogue dimmers you would recommend ?


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The Leviton/NSI IF-501 will convert 4 channels of analog 0-10vdc to DMX or Microplex. There are several different versions of the IF-501, some of which do not do 0-10, so make sure you choose the correct one.
There are several internal jumpers that need to be set correctly as well. Check eBay.


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Does it have to be based off the electric charge? I would worry that there is a lot of unknown with what sort of voltage and current the dynamo will output. I would suggest using an Arduino to monitor the speed and out put DMX accordingly. This Guide might be a good jumping off point for measuring the speed of the bike and then a little more digging should clue you into how to spit out DMX from an Arduino.

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