Band Setup Organization?


Jun 20, 2016
Inland Empire, CA
Hey all,

I wanted to get your thoughts on the most efficient way of setting up for a band in terms of keeping cables and inputs organized. Currently, the way I like to do it is label each cable a number on each end. This isn't necessarily the input channel (but if it is, great). But, this allows me to trace cable quickly from end to end.
I will then physically label each mic/DI the channel it is patched to as well as the instrument it is mic'ing. This allows me to know what mic goes where with what channel it should be patched to in the event of stage shifts/oopsies.

This way works well for me but every time I work with a new crew, it seems cumbersome to explain. I am just open to finding out if there is a more efficient way.



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Nov 24, 2005
Saratoga Springs, NY
We always label subsnakes with mic purpose only. Beyond that I only label cable ends in festival situations. DI's always get labeled as well.


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Mar 31, 2008
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Marking both ends of cables is too tedious, and prone to cause errors if old labels are not thoroughly cleaned off. When I have enough information to plan ahead, I type up a list showing the what the source is, console channel, snake or stage box channel, and sub-snake channel. That's usually enough info to make set-up and troubleshooting easy. Copies live at the console and the stage.

I will label mics or DI boxes if I have identical ones positioned near enough that they could get confused. Otherwise, different colored cables or windscreens are enough differentiation.

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