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Earlier i had a thread going in the Punching Bag forum and forget that they get deleted perodiaclly so now i'm posting again except without me complaing :). Any one know where to find anybody out there in Tucson, AZ willing to do a EQ job for a church for a realtively low price or even free
What's the system like? If it's relatively simple (meaning little specific speaker control), then your eqing will probably just be a 30 band on the amp rack and all you'll do is run some music or something and tweak that eq so the sound in the house is optimal.
If it's a very specific system, meaning control over many speakers (upper levels, bottom levels, highs, mids, etc) then obviously more eq and more analyzation is required.
Really all you need to do either way is get an analyzer or simply use your ears. Guess and check is a surprisingly easy and effective way to eq a space.
You are right jbeutt that it is a relaitvely simple system and yes i could do it hearing i would have prefered to have hired somebody to come in with equipment and do it and so it allows me to learn something new from them. but yes i could do it myself. and to answer AvGuyAndy no actually there are maybe a total of five companies in tucson that do anything in sound and only one of might have have that option.

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