Cheap alternative to Rosco colorizers


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For the show I am designing we can't afford colorzers but I want texture, so I came up with this solution. I am scribbling on the gels with colored Sharpies! I tested it out today and it works just the way I wanted!
Basically like a stained glass window in a gobo, except the colors are like crystalized and they overlap and stuff. Or is that prismatics? Check out the Rosco website
ah, ok we used one of those (crystalized stuff inside a gobo that spun) a couple of years ago for "The Wiz" i thought it was called something more like prizmatic or something like that... I am looking on that site right now.

Ya, it looks like a colorizer is something similar, but does not necessaraly move like the one we used did (the plastic/glass inside tumbled arround a little when it spun). Thanks!

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