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Hi, we recently rented 6 ProSpot 250's, and after setting them up and connecting them to power and data, we noticed that they immediately started up in different home positions.

We're not exactly sure how to change these positions, and we have pre-programmed sequences, so it's really not looking good.

I pulled up the manual from off of the Internet and also messed around with the 'menu' on the side of the movers. There were places where you could alter the pan and tilt (and a bunch of other attributes), but every time we exited the 'special' menu, the settings never saved. We contacted the company renting them out to us, and they were confident that the last group to use them did this, but we not aware of how to correct the issue.

Can anyone help? It's very important!

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You don't mention which flavor of ProSpot you are trying to use. The ProSpot 250 XL's have only one DMX 'personality', so if you were using them, your problem was almost certainly control.

If you are using the older, discontinued, ProSpot 250Evo, it is possible that some of the fixtures were in 8 bit mode and some in 16 bit mode. In that case, I would expect some very weird results if the controller is sending 16 bit pan info to 8 bit pan/tilt channels and 16 bit tilt info to the motor speed and control channels.

Other than the profile difference on older fixtures, there is very little that you can do to mess up pan/tilt on the Coemars. They have a Pan Reverse and a Tilt Reverse (handy if you want to address two fixtures the same and just have them work in symmetry from opposite sides), but no 'relocate home' settings.

If you set Pan and Tilt to mid range, the fixture will put the yoke perpendicular to the edge of the base and point the fixture straight up (or down if the fixture is hung). This is almost universally true for other movers as well, so if you make this setting and do not get this result the first things to check are:

* Starting address on light and controller match
* 'Personality' or 'Profile' on the controller and the setting on the light match

I'm not sure how to answer your question about pre-programmed sequences. Pre programming requires a lot of exact matching that seldom occurs on real job sites. I can understand using a visualizer, I often do so myself - either to experiment with the rig or to help others understand what I am planning. And I suppose some pre-programming can be a must if your time is limited and your controller is slow to program. But if your cues/scenes/whatever are even slightly complex you should expect to do some onsite tweaking to get things looking right.

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