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I have 2 American DJ Accu-Spot 250s they both run at 8500 degree K and i want to use color correction to bring it down to 3000 degree K so it matches the color of all my other lights.What would you recomend i use to do that
Here are some options. Install a Osram HSD 250/60 lamp in it that's going to get you down to 6,000K. It's not incandecent in color temperature, but at least closer. At that point perhaps you can install something like a Rosco #3401, Roco Cinegel #3407, #3441, #3401 in front of the fixture - given they don't just burn up.

Otherwise, given the fixture has color filters and patterns, order a dichroic filter to fit into one of the pattern or filter slots. There is lots of suppliers out there that will custom make a filter to lower the color temperature.

In any case, the dropping to a 6K color temp. lamp will be a good start to the solution.

Hmm, one has noted the problems of using moving lights for incandescent sources.

Another solution that the above seems to be is that most of the above are in some way a amber coloring. Given two color wheels on the fixture, perhaps one a amber and one the color of your choice will already solve the problem. Otherwise just color the fixture in amber and see what it looks like when not white. It's probably not going to match no matter what you do unless the lamps are really ancient in any case.

You might also be able to play with dimming the fixture but I doubt it's able to do this more than 5%.
If you dont mind me asking, whty are you trying to match your mover's to your conventionals? Are you trying to have an even white balance?

American DJ does not have this feature but Martin, High End, Vari*Lite do. They acually have a build in color difusion system. It comes in handy, though I really rarly use it.
I am trying to make it balance somewhat. Because if its base color is more blue compared to everythign else. so i was justwndering if there was a way of doing that.
Are you using movers as a wash fixture? I mean usually you want your movers to stand out over your conventionals. Now this is not always the case and might not be for you but, other then changing the lamp, thats about all you can do for an American DJ fixture.

Let me know if you have any other questions.
I was just reading an article in CEE news today about dimming the output on metal hallide lamps. Takes a bunch of work but can be done down to 50%. It's not something you can control by way of DMX unless DMX tools takes on the project however in inventing it and writing computer code for it.

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