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Does anyone know how to adress dmx channels to color blasts ?
If you are familiar with color kenetics stuff, u will know that they use power supplys just like scrollers. The only thing is that there are no dip swithes or lcd or any control of what sort on or in the power supply. I know you can control them using a computer since it has a USB connection. But I cant figure out how to adress them. Any info can help... Thanks
Usually they come addressed one to one from the factory.

In the past when i have used these fixtures i have had to use the zapi addressing tool from Color Kinetics.


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If you're using a City Theatrical power supply, you set the starting address on it. t sounds you're using a regular Color Kinetics PSU, so that means you need a Zapi to set the addresses. Once you get your hands on one I'll be more than happy to help you use the thing. Its kind of weird.

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