Dead video card on ETC


Our ETC Express 72/144's video card recently stopped working. I know it is not the monitor becuase I plugged the monitor into a PC we have been working on in the booth and it works fine. The problems started happening when we would swtich the monitor over to the PC and run the board with out the monitor. Is there some setting on the board that disabled the monitor? Turning it off and back on doesn't do anything. We have Sound of Music a week from Thursday, so the board crapping out is the perfect thing to do the week before a show especially when I have no cues done. I can run the board with out the monitor but my asst can't. Is this a software problem or should I be panicing and calling out local theater store, Brite Lites?

Express Vid Problem

Yes, as the others said. Call ETC. This is usually a problem fully covered under the product warranty of the Express Console.

Here's the details. For some reason the surface mount video driver chip (168 pins or something like that) on the Express was not getting enough solder on one side (4 sided chip) during assembly of the main circuit board a couple of years ago. This problem is known and releatively easy to fix back at the factory. They should cover the entire cost of the repair if this turns out to be the case.

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