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David Ashton

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I'm looking for a visualiser the will take 2-3 dmx universes, and that I can get the input hardware and software for less than $500. so far all my searches have come up useless.


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If you're using the "offline" version of one of the leading consoles, most have a free visualizer built-in. Otherwise, I doubt anything under $500 is going to compare to WYSIWYG, ESP Vision, or Martin Show Designer. You have to pay to play, as they say.


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You might look in to a program called Daslight and their interfaces. It's a controller and a 3-D visualizer, but I'm pretty sure that you can order the components seprately for a lower amount of money. However, I don't know if it's gonna cover that 2-3 universe reqirement. That's where you need something like ESP vision.

Another option would be Capture, and they use the EntTec DMX interfaces, which are very reasonably priced.

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David Ashton

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We are tending towards buying the Sunlite, it seems to do everything we need at a reasonable price, any feedback from users would be welcome.

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